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Merry Christmas 2018!25-Dec-2018
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TMX crew would like to wish you all Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year 2019!
TM turns 15!23-Nov-2018
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A very happy 15th TM anniversary to everyone!!!
Thanks for all the years of cool and crazy creations and for making TMX what it is!
You're the best!
Full forum access16-Apr-2018
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After many years in hiding, the full forums are visible once again here.

Enjoy the look through history.
Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays 2017!25-Dec-2017
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Hello everyone,
the TMX crew would like to wish you all Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays and everything best in 2018!
TMX Turns 1027-Mar-2014
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Exactly 10 years ago today TMX was born!

Even though the site existed shortly before that, we view March 27, 2004 as the day the site was born because it's when tracks began to be shared. Track sharing is the lifeblood of TMX.

Here we are, nearly 860,000 tracks later.
That's an average of about 236 tracks uploaded every day for the past 10 years.

The stories that could be told are more numerous than the number of tracks shared.

Many have literally grown up with TMX. Others have just grown a little older. We've all gained a few friends, some for life. We've all made lasting memories, building our dream tracks, discovering amazing creations by others, and sharing everything.

We wouldn't still be here if it wasn't for you!

Thank you TMX community! You're the best community ever!
Site Status30-Jun-2007
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We have put this site in read only mode.

This means that although uploading new tracks & replays is disabled, you can still download whatever you like. The site is going to remain in read only mode for the foreseeable future.

TrackMania United Users
Visit our site for TrackMania United.

But don't be put off trying the old tracks if you have TrackMania United, many of the old tracks are great fun still and there is 33,000 of them here.

Have fun with this piece of TrackMania history.

TMU & TMN Maintenence30-Jun-2007
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If you have come here by clicking because you are finding TMU and/or TMN sites down, this is because of some maintenence that we need to carry out.

We hope to get the sites running again by Saturday evening, but some DNS changes means many people will not be able to see the sites until Sunday morning.

Sorry for any inconvenience this is going to cause.
Site is in read only.29-Mar-2007
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Sunrise site is now in read only, the pages for uploading new tracks, trackpacks & replays has been removed.

What happens next is dependant on a few different things. We are doing what we can to find a way to make all the old tracks accessable in some kind of perminent fashion. Theres every chance the TMO & TMS sites will be taken offline soon to make space, but for the moment we are keeping them in read only

If they do go offline, nothing will be deleted for ever, we will backup the tracks & if necessary we will make them availabe in a zip file

As we said in an old news, join us in Trackmania united as soon as you can
TMX for TMS to move to 'read-only' mode...24-Mar-2007
Posted By: View User ProfileSend Private Message MrA 
With TMU available, in the shops, in more and more localities, the time will soon come when we have to close the old sites. As I'm sure you can imagine, its not practical for us to keep trying to run 4 sites when the new game is where all the action really is.

So what we say is, make the most of your uploading/downloading now, and for goodness sake get yourself TMU, its excellent anyway, and we will look forward to seeing you on the TMU TMX exchange soon.
Merry Christmas25-Dec-2006
Posted By: View User ProfileSend Private Message Rax 
Merry Christmas everyone , Join us on the united exchange when you get the game
United Site Open...19-Nov-2006
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Just in case anyone did not know....

Visit if you have TrackMania United.

Important news, especially for anyone who donates to TMX.10-Nov-2006
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Once TrackMania United is available to the world we will begin to look at closing the old TMO and TMS sites. There will of course be a new TMX for TMU, but we can't support 4 sites nor keep all the old material simply because it exists. Therefore I guess that in about six months there will only be 2 TMX, United & Nations.

We want to tell you this now so that if you make donations to TMX, that you understand there will be a transition to TM United and all the old tracks and stuff will not be part of that unless authors choose to update their tracks and then reupload them in the new game.

Don't worry, nothing is about to happen now, we just want to make this early warning of our intentions and hope you all understand its something we will have to do.

On the plus side, quite a few of the TMX crew have been involved in the beta of TrackMania United and we really love it, and so we really hope you will get the game when it becomes available and continue to enjoy TM and TMX with us.

Update on Account & Email verification.07-Nov-2006
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We are still working on fixing the problems in these areas.

However, we have made some modifications to the html to make some of the old messages less alarming, as your e-mail address not being validated is not preventing any site permissions on your account from working.

So do not be alarmed or bothered by that.

Track Attack Update22-Oct-2006
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The 3rd Track Attack is now open. This means that there should now always be 3 track attacks running at once.

o TA1 Island "The Day of Forever by View User ProfileSend Private Message Ron Turbo"
o TA2 Bay "Hard Jump by View User ProfileSend Private Message cervelax"
o TA3 Coast "Arabic Tunnel by View User ProfileSend Private Message -Hunter-"

See the news item below if you have no clue what this is about!!!

1st & 2nd Track Attacks are open....16-Oct-2006
Posted By: View User ProfileSend Private Message MrA 
Check out the forum thread for Track Attack 1...

and check this one for Track Attack 2 !

And if you have no clue what this is, read the news item below
Track Attack - The new forum based competition...15-Oct-2006
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Some of you will recall we had a plan for a feature called 'Track Attack' which would exist on the front page of TMX. As that still hasn't happoned, we have decided to run a Track Attack competiton just on the Sunrise forum and we encourage all those who like to compete at driving to check it out as it should be alot of fun.

Track Attack Concepts
o A track attack is a focusing of attention for WR Drivers.
o The idea is to have fun, to compete, and to inject new high rated tracks into the WR System.
o 3 Track Attacks will run at the same time, each for 9 days.
o They will be staggered, so 1 Track Attack will finish every 3 days.
o There will be 1 Track Attack per environment.
o New Track Attacks are chosen from the nominations of the top5 drivers on each track.

We have made a special forum to host this

Check out the forum, and join in, and if you think it sounds good spread the word to other drivers.

Upload Probelms09-Oct-2006
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We think these issues are now resolved. Please let us know if you find otherwise.

File upload problems...05-Oct-2006
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We are aware that there are a few 'small' file upload problems concerning:
-Screenshots disappearing...

We apologise for the inconvenience this may be causing, but please be assured that our team is working to fix the problems as soon as possible.

In the mean time it does seem that if you wait a while and try again then the system works.
So for now please bear with us and all will be back to normal as soon as possible.

TMX Crew
1K Video05-Sep-2006
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Check this out...


New Astra Advert.... And New Starbuck interpretation04-Sep-2006
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Anyone notice a strange resemblance....

Starbuck, who is most famous for great Trackmania models has also created a very cool movie around the new Astra Advert
Cleverly named Astrackmania, it is a great watch
Watch it on Starbuck's Site
Or download it.
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