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Name: Download Alien Hunter [Alienplanet mod]
Pack: (no track pack)
By: View User ProfileSend Private Message Andree
Version: 08-Sep-2005
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 32,530
Track Details
Game: TM Sunrise
Type: Race Style: Race
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day

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Author Comments

A track made with Droidenl'mur's great Alienplanet mod.
If you want the best effect of the track, please download the mod

Create a new folder in the C:\TmSunrise\GameData\Skins\Island folder and call it Mod.
Place the zip file (the mod) in that folder and start the game. That's it (dont rename the mod)

This is a story track, in the intro you are given a target, ingame you have to try to achieve the target and outro is a cool replay on how you did it

Target: Destroy the main U.F.O
Objective 1: Get the big bombs
Objective 2: Escape from the mini U.F.O's
Objective 3: Locate the main U.F.O
Objective 4: Plant the bomb
Objective 5: Escape
Objective 6: Reach your flying machine

Are you up for the challenge??
Comments are welcome

User Comments
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View User ProfileSend Private Message Andree 08-Sep-2005
Thx FloB
View User ProfileSend Private Message OnFire 08-Sep-2005
I like this mod
the booster befor the first tunnel is a challenge
I had to break in order to take it smooth
not a big problem
View User ProfileSend Private Message Andree 08-Sep-2005
Thx for your great awardcomment On Fire, i had to place the booster so i could reach the next tunnel if i respawn from that CP before. I also slow down my speed a bit

Thx Droidenl'mur for making such a great mod and for award my track
Thx pitstep , my best?? WOW, impressive time
Thx Tutur
Thx Chris93
What a wonderful awardcomment SkunkY
Originally posted by SkunkY ...
Some tricky parts (I guess thats a must on a mod by Droidenl'mur)

Yes indeed, well said

Thx vlad and good time
Thx Doubledor
Thx Ron Turbo for you superb awardcomment very impressive time
Well said Terrorpilot
Thx Snodig for #800 and i'm looking forward to see how the director Snodig do the video
Thx djac, superb feedback, glad you liked the outro
Thx a lot -32-
Thx IGusarov, glad you liked the story
Thx berny, i'm a huge fan of your tracks, looking forward to check it out
Thx faith for a great comment, i didnt think of the exploding part, and i agree that would have been so cool.
Thx Tarquin
Thx Flippy
Thx DaKKoN for your superb awardcomment
Thx irondragons
View User ProfileSend Private Message movo. 13-Sep-2005
Hi Andree!

How can i make a good Outro?
Each time i make an Outro and i will test it, then it doesn't do it! Whats the problem?
Or whats wrong?

Greetz Terrorpilot!

PS: email: max-aardenburg@hotmail.com ,
Its for my new track Insane! he's allready uploaded but i want to make a upgrade with some MT problems! Like the Outro!

PS: I have 3840 coppers very low but i cant win more! im lazy
View User ProfileSend Private Message Andree 13-Sep-2005
Terrorpilot : sent you a mail about making a outro
And you could load this track in the editor and check how i did it, you can learn a lot of checking how other people do it

Thx a lot Legend
Cool award MegaRacer
Thx speederman
Thx a lot NastiSavage, fun to read about your barrel-roll inside the tunnel, have done it several times, it still hurts
Thx a lot Mathias_R. for your 2Xaward
Thx AvrilFan GZ i love this track, if i had built it in eXtreme i would have used the shaken camera when placing the bomb
User Awards
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User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message irondragons 12-Sep-2005
yay andree
i forgot to award this... but you know me
jolly good show andree
User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message Legend 15-Sep-2005
Great work again.
Loved the mission based drivin
Very cool

User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message megaracer 17-Sep-2005
Very nice design and good MT.
This is one of the best of "UFO Destroing" tracks!
User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message speederman 19-Sep-2005
Nice scenery, very good MT, smooth, nice design and fun to play !
User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message NastiSavage 27-Sep-2005
Unique, interesting, challenging and fun all rolled into one! The MT on this is nicely done! I like the fact that the words don't get in your way as you drive, since you see words quite a bit as you drive the track.

My first time driving it, I hit that tunnel with such speed that I almost did a barrel roll inside the tunnel! lol
zoooooom! *crash* <-- that will be on my headstone one day!

Nice work Andree!
User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message Mathias_R. 20-Oct-2005
This track is simply WOW, MT using, the missions, the whole arrangemet. therefore a double
User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message AvrilFan GZ 11-Jan-2006
Man, this map pwns even without the mod. Now I'm gonna have to try it with the extras!
Awesome story and ideas like that get in and get out U-turn bit... originality scores this right at the top
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