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Name: Download Lethal Spiral
Pack: (no track pack)
By: View User ProfileSend Private Message Lethal
Version: 18-Feb-2006
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 57,125
Track Details
Game: TMS Extreme
Type: Race Style: Race
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day

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Download Replay 1:02.99 View User ProfileSend Private Message pitstep+ 0:00.3855,045This replay is NOT contributing to any leaderboard rank.
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Download Replay 1:03.22 View User ProfileSend Private Message Lethal+ 0:00.6153,786This replay is NOT contributing to any leaderboard rank.
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Author Comments

Lethal Spiral = Lethal Style Speed!
Hang on! This is a thrill ride from beginning to end!

No Press Forward..Start through a high speed corkscrew!
Then into a big loop!
Encounter huge jumps!
Big loops.
A very fast wall ride.
Extreme speed turns.

This track is very forgiving!
You can make mistakes and red boosts will get you back up and running very quickly!
Time can be gained in almost every area of Spiral.

Easy to learn and great for rounds or time attack!

Should be great fun for WR hunters!!!

More Lethal Tracks (Full and Demo)

User Comments
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View User ProfileSend Private Message Lethal 18-Feb-2006
Will be away for a few hours!
Thanks in advance for and awards, comments, times.

Will answer all when I return!

Well, I'm finally back! D

Thanks Skunky!
I always appreciate your award and very nice comments!
Thanks for the time also!

Thanks Mike!
Nice award and comment from you.
I do appreciate you taking the time.
Also, a thanks for your time.

Thanks s8ndm8n!
For you award and nice comments!
You are fast..Broke 1:03 already!
Great time!

Thanks Humbleone!
I really appreciate the time taken for an very nice award and comments.
I am starting to learn MT, and trying to improve.
Thanks for your comments on MT. It makes the time spent more worth while.

Thanks a lot Mega!
I appreciate you very nice award and cool comments!

Thanks Ato!
Apreciate your award and comments!
Also a special appreciation for all your testing on Spiral!!

Thanks pitstep!
Nice award and comments.
Thanks for the recognition on MT!
I am trying to learn good presentation!

That is a nice award and great comments!
I appreciate that you took the time to give such a nice review style award!
Glad you enjoyed the ride.

Thanks DaCheCker!
Your short nice award and comment is all that's necessary!
I appreciate that you took the time to award!

Thanks OTMB:KiRsTiE!
Glad you like the speed.
Thx for the award and comments.

Thanks killerRAJ!
Appreciate your award and nice comments.
Excellent time..only 7/100 off the WR!

Thanks Kendar!
That is a very nice review type award and observations!
Great comments.
I spend a lot of time on CP placement..not only to make sure they work, but to get you back in the race quickly.
Thanks for noticing the extras!

Thanks NastiSavage!
Cool award and comments!
I like building speed tracks, but also maintain control.
Most all Lethal tracks can be run full throttle with a little practice.

Thanks djac!
Very nice comments and award!
Thaks for taking the time to give such nice feedback!

Thanks YS|Jake!
A Island track can never go too fast as long as it is controllable.
I always leave lots of room for error!

Thanks [RUS]COBA!
Well, probably not perfect, but I appreciate the thought!
Thx for the award and comment!

Thanks TLS!
I appreciate that you took the time to award!
Short comment, but your 1 word is worth many! Thanks!

Thanks Alowgo!
I'm honored that you chose Spiral to run on your server!
I appreciate your award and comments!

Thanks Rally!
I especially appreciate that you think I am one of the best speed authors!
Thanks for the nice award and comments!

Thanks DaKKoN!
I appreciate that you took the time to award and comment!
It doesn't matter how late..awards are always nice just to know that track was worth the time it took to build!

Thanks TopTrog!
That is a very nice award and super nice comments!
I enjoy creating tracks that all can drive but are still challenging for advanced drivers!
I appreciate the time taken to test and give such a nice award!

Thanks king-be!
I definitely appreciate every award and comment you give!
I'm sure all authors appreciate the very nice commment in your post below!
It's players like you that make author's work, worth while!
A special thanks from me!

View User ProfileSend Private Message SkunkY 18-Feb-2006
What the heck??
Why aren't there more awards??
Is nobody playing tms anymore?!?
View User ProfileSend Private Message mikerush76 18-Feb-2006
will be checking the track out soon lethal, and its not just sunrise thats been slow, even the nations site seems fairly empty.. ive made quite a few tracks there and alot have 0 awards, not trying to sound cocky but they deserve more too, so i'm coming back to sunrise mapping.

here's those nations ones
View User ProfileSend Private Message Lethal 19-Feb-2006
Hey Skunky and Mike,
I built a track for Nations but haven't submitted it yet. I just can't get the Lethal Style speed and flow I like.
I don't know about Nations, but this sunrise site has been slow. I still get good downloads, but only a few authors award.
Regular players (non-authors) almost never award, so there seems to be something wrong with this award system.

My previous track..Lethal SuperBowl has 264 downloads..but 12 awards. Only 1 award is from a non-author..(King-be)
I would like to offer a special thanks and appreciation to King-be for taking the time to award tracks he likes. (Edit) It's really too bad there isn't an incentive for more non-authors to award tracks they enjoy!
Thanks King-be!
View User ProfileSend Private Message megaracer 21-Feb-2006
Such touching words
However i totally agree with you King-be's awards are short, but they are real and honest. He's no point to suck up.
View User ProfileSend Private Message NastiSavage 22-Feb-2006
I have a name for your next track, lethal!! I know by now it must be hard for you to come up with a new name, you bout covered everything lethal already

name: Lethal Xplosion

theme: Island (sunrise)

layout: Nuclear plant

story: You come in to work at the nuclear plant one morning and someone did something wrong so now everyone has to evacuate... FAST!!

As they cross the finish line they have a view behind them and see the plant explode (fade to white or something).
View User ProfileSend Private Message s8ndm8n 22-Feb-2006
Oh man Mega is on to me
King-be definitely merits special mention but there are many authors who could give a (fecal matter) about awards and do so because they've actually enjoyed a track and want to encourage others to keep making tracks. So rest assured my awards are made out of the same pixels as his
View User ProfileSend Private Message Lethal 23-Feb-2006
Sorry for the late response Guys!
I left home at 6:30 this morning and just returned at 10 PM.

Hey Nastisavage,
Hey Nastisavage,
Well, I do have a few names yet to go..one I am working on is Lethal TurboDrive. But you never know, I often change the name before I publish!

I like your idea and story line, although I have never done a story. To take it one step farther, and inline with the world situation, maybe a terrorist plot to destroy the nuclear plant.

That would take me some time to do..but great idea!
Thanks for taking the time to share your idea!

Hey S8ndm8n,
Well, I guess I need to clarify a previous post. Not sure why Mega would be on you?!

When Skunky originally posted his message about slow awards, Lethal Spiral had been up for over 3 hours and his was the only award.
Then Mikerush also posted about things being slow.

My main point was..lots of players (non-authors) download tracks but never award. I would like to see some type of incentive for players to award tracks they like. At present, anyone can download tracks without registering, but are required to register to award, so maybe just don't take the time.
One solution might be to require all players to register before they can download. That is very easy to do on TMX.
I don't have the answer. But it would be nice if regular players would award.

I don't question your's or most other awards. I know they are genuine, and you even set WR's on many tracks.

I appreciate everyone who awards, comments, or submits times! I just wish we could get the hundreds of non-authors to award also and show a little appreciation for playing our tracks! The award doesn't have to be long, but an "I like it would do"
At least once in awhile!
Or, even just a comment to let us know if there is something they would like to see in future tracks.

King-be came to mind, because I know he has awarded over 300 tracks and hasn't published even one! There are probably more non-authors who have awarded, I just personally don't know of one!
View User ProfileSend Private Message s8ndm8n 24-Feb-2006
Hey Lethal, I was just giving you a hard time for saying that King-be's awards were "true award's" which could be construed as meaning that the awards from authors aren't the same or don't mean as much. And when I said that Mega is on to me I was referring to his comment about King-be having "no point to suck up" as in Mega knows I'm sucking up... get it?
btw never take me too seriously
View User ProfileSend Private Message Lethal 25-Feb-2006
Hey s8andmm8n, I re-read my comment and can see how it could be taken the wrong way. (Also took that part out)
I do think most awards, including yours are sincere!
But would still like to see some incentive for more players to award...not just authors!

I do appreciate everyone here and all the awards, the great comments and suggestions.
Also, those who submit times, because I know how much time it takes to put a good run together.

View User ProfileSend Private Message king-be 02-Apr-2006
I'm sorry to chime in so late, but I have been busy with work projects.

Giving awards to tracks that I like is the least that I can do to acknowledge the hard work and creativity that authors put into their tracks. It is also my way of encouraging them to create more tracks for everyone to enjoy (which is actually an ulterior motive, so that I get to drive more tracks from my favorite authors! ) . I wish I had the creativity (and time) to design tracks that others would enjoy, but I don't, so this is what I can do to contribute to the availability of quality tracks -- giving awards to the tracks that I have enjoyed.

I have gotten rather behind in my driving, but I hope to start catching up soon (and giving more awards to tracks that I enjoy)!

User Awards
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User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message TopTrog 01-Apr-2006
Brilliant track once again Lethal !
all the signature high-speed transition elements are back in force
great use of architecture and perspective to enhance the thrill of the ride
and yes, of course it´s super fast, super smooth and very intuitive to drive
the high standards you´ve set with previous tracks are even surpassed by this one !
Great work - now I have to go test drive the other lethal tracks I´ve missed lately
User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message king-be 02-Apr-2006
Another fast and fun track!

This is definitely one of my favorites now.
User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message MaB 13-Dec-2006
Great track!!
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