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Name: Download SilkTouch
Pack: (no track pack)
By: View User ProfileSend Private Message megaracer
Version: 19-Apr-2006
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 17,156
Track Details
Game: TMS Extreme
Type: Race Style: Race
Envir: Bay Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunrise

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Download Replay 0:59.47 View User ProfileSend Private Message DaKKoN@TMU+ 0:02.3216,459This replay is NOT contributing to any leaderboard rank.
Download Replay 1:01.58 View User ProfileSend Private Message megaracer+ 0:04.4315,826This replay is NOT contributing to any leaderboard rank.
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Author Comments

My new track.
Actually it's the third bay raceway i created.
I noticed that there are surprisingly few good bay track and each week only one (hardly ever two) tracks appear in the list of 10 bestest works. As i can't make many bays in a row, i tried to satisfy the tastes both of fans of fun-racing and conservative experts fond of difficult routes. So, my work combines many straight speedparts and some really technical turns However this track will be too hard for beginners. Sorry, guys.
I won't say that there are intro and outro, becuase it would be rather strange not to see this stuff in my work As for ingame MT, i created some help: if you are going the wrong way, the screen fades and you see the right path. The clips are very short and of course put not everywhere. However if you haven't seen any of them, don't worry! This means you're great driver
Also i didn't put any roadsigns there (oh, i remember there's one, only one). I think that signs spoil the impression, which the track makes. In addition, the route is fairly obvious.

Also there's a tiny shortcut. It helps to avoid slalom among containers. It's not hard to find it, but IMO very hard to use Anyway this will rather joyful to find it and use

So, play on my track and don't hesitate to express your opinion about it and upload your PB! Show everybody how good you're at racing!

Also you can try the first bay tracks of mine:
"*MindGate* by View User ProfileSend Private Message megaracer"
"*MindGate II* by View User ProfileSend Private Message megaracer"

Bigger Artwork!

User Comments
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View User ProfileSend Private Message movo. 19-Apr-2006
Yay! SuperB screen! Test it immediately! O and nice font!
View User ProfileSend Private Message MasterDisaster 19-Apr-2006
Yesss a new MegaRace by MegaRacer!!! I'll test it soon
View User ProfileSend Private Message DEnGel 19-Apr-2006
me to test it soon
View User ProfileSend Private Message megaracer 19-Apr-2006
Well, thanx to Terrorpilot for giving a starter-award on my track Nice words!
Tack, Anja! (jag studerar svenska i skolan a little, but it goes deadly slow ) I know that track isn't easy. Glad you liked my work!
Thanx to Rayden! Nado pochitat' budet, a to ya escho ne videl
Thanx to MasterDisaster Apparently you belong to that part of people, who like technical tracks (mentioned in author's comments). Some people will say the don't like containers or jumps... tastes differ.
Thanx to Dengel Hard to understand, what mean. I'm not sure many people would like to play such a hard track online. However i've at least one online player so far As for screen and scenery... don't know what to say If i had put more ships, containers and buildings, the game would have deadly lag, so i had to keep copper count lower than 4000. Concerning scrennie now... I simply had now ideas what to do. Do you know such feeling?
And btw why do you put so many embarrassed faces?
Thanx to Pitstep Lovely awardcomment!
Thanx to Adde It's nice you uploaded your time! People c'mon! Do like this brave lad! As for MT, i think i have to take a look at your tracks
Thanx to Dakkon!
Originally posted by Dakkon ...
But it's so f*cking frustrating.
What made you award my track if so? Believe me i wouldn't be angry (delerium!) at you if you don't do it!
Now about MT help. I know you're very good driver! I know Pit is excellent driver. Dengel is great at racing either, but... But. Can you imagine how many people there are, who are not as experienced in racing as me at least? They'll sumply quit my work after a couple of fauilures at the first jump. Do i want this? I faced many (more than many!) difficulties and annoying lags when creating this track, spend around 40 hours in front of PC, designing, remaking and testing and i want more people to play it of course!
Well, i regret you didn't like it and (apparently) awarded against your will.
Thanx to Alex17
Thanx to Ron Turbo Loads of thanks! I adore such nice and constructive comments, touching upon many small details, but not expressing players impression in abstract "great design" & "nice layout" (although in for such things awfully often ). I'm glad you liked the intro, but in my opinion the one for your latest work is a lot better. My intro looks very simple and unsightly compared with your Next time i'll do my best, i promiss (however i think that clips editor wasn't supposed for creating gorgeous movies - it's too few features and it takes too much time to achieve the desired effect). Also i'm happy you enjoyed the difficulty of this track! If there only were more people like you! In addition i want to thank you for considering this track one of the best! Such words are the greatest praise for author
Thanx to Amit
Thanx to Squirrel Nice words from you!
Thanx to Longabba Alwasy glad to get awards from you!
Thanx to 187 AMAZING TIME
Thanx to Co2 Nice awardcomment. Although i don't think this track is that smooth. Especially quaterpipe jump! I think Nadeo programmers should have worked on engine harder. So many annoying bugs
Thanx to Martin Master I'm glad you liked scrennie! I like it either, can you imagine!
Thanx to kIla
Thanx to 32 Great constructive awardcomment! As for red boosters, i can't agree with you. The first one - yes, at the firs couple of tries, it can be rather difficult, but the second one gives only necessary speed to perform the jump.
Thanx to Skunky Glad you decided to award the track, even regardless of the point of awarding Actually i'd love to get awards from players (they can be authors either of course) rather than authors
Thanx to GregN8 Great awardcomment!
Thanx to System of a d... Damn! Thanx to SlipKnot
Thanx to Weetos for such nice words
View User ProfileSend Private Message DEnGel 19-Apr-2006
Jep i know what u mean..... i also have no ideas and i full agree more sceenery=more lags !The sceenery is a cooool one on this!! and the screen is just awesome !! never done such great screen´s , but i think you have done in past better one´s that i mean with it .. and jep may be track is hard to master but not to finish sry for my denglish in awardcomment
View User ProfileSend Private Message DaKKoN@TMU 19-Apr-2006
I didn't want to spend to much text in the award comment, Guess that didn;t work.
Imo when I play a track for more then 15 minutes, it's pretty addicitive. This track has just that. It's actually a great challenge (And I only saw the MT-help @ the start... ). But I got so frustrated by racing it over and over again. BUT I did keep racing it over and over again So there had to be something that just kept me going. And that has to be the whole track and it's synergy (wow; haven't used that word for a while ) It all fits together and stays a challenge. But it's so frustrating to me cause I can't drive that tight Little taps to the left or right are disastrous with a keyboard when there is so little room to adjust with that speed. And since I'm a perfectionist, I retry as soon as I hit something. But the first time I finished it I had gold with only 1.3 sec away from your time With lots of room for improvement. Why I awarded the track in the end is that I can see there went a lot of work in it (40hours, damn didn;t expect THAT much ) and I did have fun, but in a funny and sick way
I'll upload a replay soon when I have the courage to try your track again...
I hope this clears things up a little.

And I do understand you want as many people to play the track so I do respect that MT-help, but for me it;s not needed. And I;m simply a person who wants to say that kind of things, sorry can't help it

I tried it right after this "little" answer...
hf beating my time

PS I forgot one thing:

It feels SO rewarding to finish a good lap !!!! specially when it says you've beaten the author record... --->
View User ProfileSend Private Message XCS|weetos 24-Apr-2006
hi,your Screen is very beautifull,can you do a 1024*768 version for my desktop?
View User ProfileSend Private Message megaracer 24-Apr-2006
No, can not.
And not becuase i'm so bad, but simply becuse i deleted all the screenshots i used to make an artwork out of
Sorry, mate. I would if i had!
And thank you for asking! You pleased me
View User ProfileSend Private Message XCS|weetos 24-Apr-2006
erf... np
i will try to find an another
View User ProfileSend Private Message megaracer 24-Apr-2006
Thanx to Andree I suppose it's the most emotional award i've ever got! Such ones make me proud of myself
Thanx to ORA
Thanx to Robin Voigt Nice awardcomment!
Thanx to Gluk
Thanx to Humbleone Glad you loved my track either!
Thanx to Zeroe
View User ProfileSend Private Message SkunkY 24-Apr-2006
Oh wow, Andree played a tmsx track again.. Cool
Make another track quick Mega, maybe you can catch him back for tmsx.
View User ProfileSend Private Message megaracer 25-Apr-2006
Catch 'm back, you say? Yeah, i would love to see him here all the time.
But i don't plan to release any tracks in the near future I don't even have any incomplete tracks.
View User ProfileSend Private Message SkunkY 27-Apr-2006
I was just joking Mega.
I dont want to put anybody under pressure.
Now go ahead, start a track!
View User ProfileSend Private Message Robin Voigt 21-May-2006
cool rhyme
View User ProfileSend Private Message megaracer 19-Oct-2006
Thanx a lot to Hunter!
It's always nice to get awards from you!
User Awards
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User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message XCS SlipKnot927 23-Apr-2006
Very good bay track
User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message XCS|weetos 24-Apr-2006
super-cool-awesone-Fuckin'-master-waoouw Track!
as usual the MT is genious,you're the best MT-man i know
super track too
an award for TM master
User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message Andree 24-Apr-2006
Superb screenie
Superb intro
Superb ingame MT help
Superb start of the track
Superb jumps
Superb speed
Superb fun to play
Superb quarterpipejump
Superb difficulty
Superb scenery
Superb outro
Superb work
Superb author
Superb use of the media tracker

User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message ORA-Retired 01-May-2006
Juste awesome track fun to play
User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message Robin Voigt 12-May-2006
That's what i'm talking about!!
Tight One !!!!
Great MT-Phrases;)
Here's my

i only can say it again
Nice GPS - Parts

User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message ----GLUK---- 12-May-2006
????? ????!!!!
User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message Humbleone 12-May-2006
Nice track!
Great intro.
Very fun start of the track!
The 'help' was a great touch.
Smooth, and fun to drive throughout.
Cool outro.
Well made.
User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message Zeroe 15-May-2006
Great track. Smooth and fun. Love the screenshot as well. Very well done
User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message -Hunter- 19-Oct-2006
Hey m8,
Very nice job!
A bit tehnical and hard, but with your style!
Never-changing-great MT,
original transitions and a lot of more great things!
This track deserves much more awards, so come on guys!

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