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Most of my tracks are design for rounds, but they can be nice in solo. Most of them don't have MT even though I put some ingame (especialy when needed) & I only did intro when the track needed a little explanation. Sorry, Outros doesn't matter much to me as I seldom watch my race.
My server host the best of my tracks & also many tracks that i like much. Come @ France\Fontainebleau\orca1007 when ON. (Slig@OCB also does a round server with a selection of my "selection". Visit him @ France\Sophia Antipolis).
If you like Rounds (much funnier) The Traxico team also has a server with their maps (very nice maps, nice people) @ Suisse\GanjaCity.
You can also give awards to the tracks you like. That's supposed to show people the track is good.

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