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Hi everybody.
I've been a poster here for a while now, so I feel it's probably time to write something here. (If only to get all this paint off me; being a poster is boring!) It makes my account look more complete.

Does Not Compute by View User ProfileSend Private Message Dork

"Redemption by View User ProfileSend Private Message Dork"
"Redemption 2 by View User ProfileSend Private Message Dork"
"Raven by View User ProfileSend Private Message Dork"

Other tracks in the works:
Concrete Noir (Island Race)
Unnamed Island Race
Unnamed Island Race (Alienplanet mod)
Unnamed Island Stunt
Unnamed Bay Race

NOTE: All of the above have been scrapped/moved to TMU.

Dorkified tracks:
These tracks come with my unqualified recommendation:
"Enter Suicidal Angels by View User ProfileSend Private Message Discomb"
"Future Perfect by View User ProfileSend Private Message Knuckles¸"

Oh yeah, I've also made a mod! Get it here and see more nice screens here.

If you're one of the many people I've managed to offend by some of my less tactful posts, sorry. I hope there are no hard feelings.
Anyway, thanks for reading and have a brilliant day!

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