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Yo all, if you have free time you can always download my tracks. Times: 45s-3m30s, Types:All

Tracks for CDD clan are other - they're easier and shorter. I think downloading tracks just for me and for other people is better.

Info, news and TMS carrer:
15/11/05 - Yo all. I have downloaded TMS Extreme patch. My absolutely new tracks will have some special parts. If you see "Fantasy Driver" track with no news - don't worry. I started this track before downloading patch.
You must wait for my new tracks. I'll upload them soon.
17/11/05 - My tracks are doing great! My friend says one of my tracks is in server (i don't know the name of the server, but this track is Fantasy Driver). Thanks a lot! My work isn't for nothing.
27/11/05 - Updating screenshots. They're better than predecessors.
28/11/05 - I'm going to stop updating tracks by adding new textes with awards. I don't want to be a cad.
29/11/05 - I resign car and bik. billboards. Looking for some nice screenshots of your tracks.
16/11/05 - OK i'm going to do some tracks on TM Original. Now you can download my first track called "First Meeting"(Alpine) with fast intro and speed
19/12/05 - Today's my birthday I'll do 2 track on TM Sunrise for you (one Coast and one Island).
27/12/05 - I'll put videos of my tracks on forum. You can download it soon.
8/01/06 - Anybody know a programme where i can record sounds from games. I wanna do engine sounds from other games (Juiced and NFS MostWanted)
27/01/06 - Next screenshot update. Putting more cars on them.

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