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Name: Download TMX Bay Platform
Pack: (no track pack)
By: View User ProfileSend Private Message TMX Community
Version: 12-Jul-2005
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 12,283
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Game: TM Sunrise
Type: Platform Style: Stunt
Envir: Bay Routes: Single
Length: 2m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Night

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Author Comments

a TMX community track

The participants were as follows...

1. MrA
2. Acegikmo
3. Andree
4. RnB
5. Ron Turbo
6. mute
7. Spon
8. Bowser
9. roph
10. hal|nEwImEr

Each authors part is shown by their name appearing in the top right as you pass through the square which starts their section! - Not easy to notice while driving but its there if you watch out for it.

Team Captain for this one was Andree


After discussion on the staff forum, we decided we cant allow awards from people who built the track. We know there are honourable reasons why people would want to award the other parts of the track, after all about 90% of it is not their work, but overall we feel self-awarding looks bad

User Comments
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View User ProfileSend Private Message Ron Turbo 12-Jul-2005
It turned out really hard, imo. 47 tries on my first run Silver on the 2nd one though.
Many cool ideas. Great work all!
The only thing I didn't like was that nEwImEr's cool wall ride part can be skipped. It may be a bit slower, but it makes medals a lot easier to get.
View User ProfileSend Private Message MrA 12-Jul-2005
Yeah, I kind of hope that a platform track 'becomes a race' though once people have got gold ...

ie as far as times posted to TMX (if anyone dares), it becomes a race in that sense, I havnt played it all through yet, but shall be doing
View User ProfileSend Private Message rockchef 12-Jul-2005
i was worse than you ron 54 goes first time around but silver on third go lol cool track very tricky indeed guys well done
View User ProfileSend Private Message MrA 13-Jul-2005
20 on completing it for the first time and 2 the 2nd time, but I had an advantage that I'd played alot of it before I made my part. There are some really nice sections and it true the final wall ride would have been cooler if it had to be made.

Only one section I diddnt like and it was one where I just have no idea what I was meant to do to be in anyway elegant about my approach, other than that, a pretty hard, but none the less quite reasonable platformer.
View User ProfileSend Private Message Spon 13-Jul-2005
Yeah very hard indeed but fun! Nice work everyone! Took me over 50 on my first run and i still cant get a medal *L* I got a bit confused with RnB's final bit before the checkpoint but i think I was just going too slow ... same with the wall run...i must learn to speed up! Would like to make a special mention on Ron's section - Love that jump sequence
View User ProfileSend Private Message MrA 14-Jul-2005
Nice job setting the bench mark Andree

I have no idea if I will get close to it, but will try
View User ProfileSend Private Message Andree 14-Jul-2005
Thx MrA
Took a while to get the time

It was a fun track to watch in progress. Since it is 10 authors you have 10 different ideas. There is something special in each part

MrA: i think its a cool start of the track, always fun to jump on the house
Acegikmo: Good and cool loop and jump after
RnB: If you can maintain high speed its awesome, slow speed --> frustrating
Ron Turbo: awesome section, would love to see a bay platform from you
mute: adds a little tricky section, have some problems there, can improve your time a lot if you do it right
Spon: love the jump into the tube, and the section after is cool, favorite part in this track with Ron Turbos
Bowser: great section, can easily loose time here
roph: great jumps, this is what i like in platform
hal|nEwImEr: the wallride is splendid, would be even more perfect if the 3 finish far away was gone. The finish should have been only the one after the wallride

Cool project to be captein in Great work all above
View User ProfileSend Private Message nEwImEr 14-Jul-2005
Damn, I didn't think of the skipping

Why didn't you change it captain
View User ProfileSend Private Message Andree 14-Jul-2005
i never made it in the testing of the track, but when i did try to make a record i made it, and it was so awesome
User Awards
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User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message irondragons 12-Jul-2005
a fine plate of chips....
a little messy , hense the aurthors....
good jobs guys....
User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message Pilule 12-Jul-2005
Yeah Good Track

[bad track link]
User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message rockchef 12-Jul-2005
nice one folks it made me scream at my moniter and call you all bad things but took a chill pill and now i love it nice and tricky
User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message masp 14-Jul-2005
very nice platform
My prefered parts :
MrA : an awesome start
Roph & Ron Turbo : nice use of banking roads
mute : the loops are great
spon : awesome corkscrew small tube

User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message Bignads 15-Jul-2005
Platform seems to be a much better showpiece for community tracks, this is a difficult platform with some different ideas, as mentioned its a pity the wallride is not vital as it spoils the end a bit.
User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message StickyLou 18-Jul-2005
Great i love it, It's real tricky!!
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