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Quote of the week
Originally posted by MrA ...
This stupid jumped up little [boy] is now banned on 3 sites

EDIT: Moderated for langauge.

Current Top 10 of biggest losers on the forum
2-10. Imitators

I reserve the right to ignore the stupid, the boring, the young, the confusing, the paranoid, and, most importantly, the british.
I also reserve the right to make you laugh, cry, sing ,dance , and skip down the street like a little school girl. I really have this power, I just don't feel like using it.
Note about Top10*
This is updated irregually so check it often . If you fel someone needs to be added to this list just PM.(quotes are welcome as well )
ALSO NOTE: You cannot recommend yourself for the top ten, anyone doing so doesn't want to earn it by acting stupid.

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